Amarillo Area Public Meetings for the week of November 6, 2022



Planning and Zoning Commission

2:45 p.m.: Council Chamber, 601 S. Buchanan St.

Working session ; Launch presentation of the city plan by MIG; consider the following hubs: Heritage Hills Unit No. 17, a suburban addition and subdivision to the town of Amarillo, nearby: FM 2186 and FM 2590, plaintiff: Mark Tate for Circle K. Stores Inc.; Rockwell Acres Unit No. 5, a suburban subdivision of the Town of Amarillo, being a land of Lots 6 and 7, Block 4, modified flat of Rockwell Acres Unit No. 2, nearby: Windrock Street and Rockwell Road, Plaintiff :Jeff Reese; consider the following rezoning(s): the 125 feet west of the east half of Block 267, Holland’s Addition, an addition to the town of Amarillo, to move from multi-family District 1 to a planned development district for a new automobile sale or second-hand outdoor lot, neighborhood: Wichita Avenue and Mirror Street, claimants: Marcelino and Lucia Alvarado; consider the following vacancies: 0.10 acre public right-of-way (driveway), located between Lot 3-A and Lot 3-B, Block 72, Lot 3 Bench, Block 72 Ridgecrest Unit No. 14, an addition to the city of Amarillo, nearby: SW 45th Avenue and Teckla Boulevard, plaintiff: Che Shadle for Opportunity Sky Capital, LLC; consider the following preliminary plan(s): waiver of requirement to provide driveways and maximum block length associated with Storybook Estates preliminary plan, 443.6 acre parcel of non-flat land, nearby: Loop 335 and S. Grand Street, Plaintiff: Dustin Davis for Shepherd Realty Investments, LLC.

Amarillo City Council and Planning and Zoning Commission – notice of possible quorums

5:30 p.m. and 7:00 p.m.: City Hall Room 105, 601 S Buchanan

A possible quorum of the Amarillo City Council and a possible quorum of the Planning and Zoning Commission may meet for a City Plan Steering Committee meeting (5:30 p.m.) and a City Plan listening session with the development community (7 p.m.).


Randall County Commissioner’s Court

9:00 a.m.: Commissioners’ Hearing Room, Finance Building, 501 16e St., Ste. 305 canyon

Join via Zoom:

Meeting ID: 838 0741 4954; Access code: 897025

Apollo’s introduction to the Randall County Sheriff’s Office to the commissioner and the public; discuss and take action to approve overpayment and refund of erroneous tax payments; discuss and take steps to approve a joint utility use agreement between Randall County and the Southwest Utility Company for access to utility services at the High Plains Jail and Youth Center; Joint Utility Use Agreement between Randall County and Pathwayz Communications for a 325′ Bore located at 6900 W. McCormick Rd.; discuss and take action to approve plan changes due to the No Surprises Act and health coverage change recommendations; specifications for offer # 2023-471-10 Sealcoat Aggregate; and Tender # 2023-415-11 Annex Stormwater drainage; repairing the courthouse roof using the TexBuy contract; Annex courtroom audio/visual enhancements using the BuyBoard contract; cell phone allowances; budget amendment; employees request to attend meetings and conferences; supporting documents and records.

Greenways at Hillside Public Improvement District Advisory Board

10 a.m.: Llano Realty Group Office, 7639 Hillside Rd., Ste. 300

Discuss how the Scott Park drainage will be handled; discuss and consider the selection of a contractor for the Scott Park drainage works; discuss drainage issues of surrounding commercial areas; discuss the city’s policy on reimbursing developers; discuss city policy on PID monitoring; discuss ongoing PID improvement maintenance items.

Amarillo City Council and Planning and Zoning Commission – notice of possible quorum

10 a.m.: Simms Municipal Building – Conference Room 275, 808 S. Buchanan St.

A possible quorum of the Amarillo City Council and a possible quorum of the Planning and Zoning Commission may meet for a city plan hearing session with the development community.

Advisory Council on Beautification and Public Arts

11:30 a.m.: Council Chamber – Parks and Recreation Offices, 509 S. Johnson

Discuss or receive reports on the following ongoing issues or projects: staff update; Wall Grant Application Update and Discussion (November 9); TxDOT/Metropolitan Planning Organization; updated sculpts; library wall update.

Amarillo City Council

1 p.m.: Council Chamber, 601 S Buchanan St.

Ordinary sitting: proclamation: municipal court week; elements of consent: orders on rezoning, police reserve force, unclaimed property, paid parking, regulation of parking in the downtown parking garage and modification of parking fees, subsidy of Routine Maintenance of TxDOT Airport; Bullet Shield Grant Program; consider approving a consent letter for International Aerospace Coatings, INC. (IAC) holds a new majority stake in their company through Tiger Infrastructure Partners. IAC has a multi-hangar lease at Rick Husband Amarillo International Airport to operate an aircraft painting operation, which requires city consent; consider awarding a contract for the replacement of the Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) located at the Simms Municipal Building, including the 911 dispatcher and emergency operations center; construction of lifting station 32; annual vaccine contract; settlement agreement in the case titled City of Amarillo, Texas v. Brandt Engineers Group, Ltd., LA Fuller & Sons Construction, Ltd. and Mission Clay Products, LLC. Items without Consent: Public Hearing and First Reading to Consider an Ordinance on the 20-Year Extension of Tax Increase Reinvestment Area No. 1, City of Amarillo, for Tax Increase Funding Purposes Pursuant to Chapter 311 of the Code Texas Tax, which was originally created in 2006 for a 30-year term; Public Hearing and First Reading to Consider an Ordinance Establishing the South Gateway No. 3 Tax Increases Reinvestment Area, City of Amarillo, with the 1,046-acre area located within the Interstate 27 area and loop 335; consideration of a resolution recognizing SJN Amarillo, or SJNA, as the recognized neighborhood association for the San Jacinto neighborhood; discussion and consideration of all matters incidental to and relating to the approval and authorization for publication of a notice of intention to issue bond certificates, including the adoption of a resolution relating thereto ; consider award – construction contract to Tri-State General Contractors Group, Inc. for $8,661,800 for the demolition, site preparation, site security and construction of a new multi-modal transit terminal located on 6th Avenue and Bowie Street in Amarillo – funding for this project is provided by a combination of federal grants and local matching funds; review the annual appointments needed for various boards and commissions; executive session.

Canyon City Commission

4:30 p.m.: City Hall Commission Rooms, 301 16th St., Canyon

Consider and take appropriate action on the second and final reading of Resolution No. 25-2022, approving the Project Funding Agreement between 806 FIT, LLC and Canyon Economic Development Corporation regarding the expansion of operations at Canyon; review and take appropriate action at the request of Aurelio Rivas for the continuation of the water donation for the Canyon Community Garden located between 1st and 2nd Avenue and 18th and 19th Street; review and take appropriate action on Resolution #26-2022, supporting the application and acceptance of a FEMA AFG grant to purchase self-contained breathing apparatus and associated equipment for the Canyon Fire Department ; consider and take appropriate action on Resolution No. 27-2022, prescribing limitations on parking or stopping motor vehicles or trailers during the parade to be held on December 3; presentation of the third quarter update of the city of Canyon 2022 strategic plan; executive session.


Amarillo Local Government Corporation Board of Directors

11:30 a.m.: City Hall, Room 306, 601 S. Buchanan St.

Project updates from city staff or project representatives: Hodgetown, Embassy Suites, Parking Garage and Retail Space; discussion of year-end financial statements and potential changes to existing loan agreements; discussion of potential options to sell all or part of the parking garage and retail spaces, including the use of ownership restrictions and covenants; executive session.

Parks and Recreation Advisory Council

1:30 p.m.: Council Chamber – Parks and Recreation Offices, 509 S. Johnson

Discuss or receive reports on the following current issues or projects: 9th Street Update, Playgrounds Update, Departmental Updates, Administration, Water Sports, Amarillo Zoo, Athletics, Beautification and public arts, capital projects, golf operations, park maintenance, recreation and special events, Senior Services, Tennis Operations, Warford Activity Center, future agenda items.


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