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WELLFORD, SC (WSPA) – This time of year is when Hollywild Animal Park turns into Holiday Lights Safari. But how does the 100-acre park make things work during the winter months?

“We have all kinds of themes, and every year we take pride in trying to invent something new so that people don’t see the same things over and over again because after 31 years we have done a lot of things, ”said Lucia, co-founder of Hollywild. Meeks said.

They also live a unique experience with their living animals.

“Typically, the animals are roaming free within 100 acres of land. During the holidays, we just confine them to an area so that people can approach them and feed them. There is everything, camels, big cattle, zebras, donkeys, deer, sheep. All kinds of different animals that you can actually come into contact with, ”Meeks explained. “At the end you can say hello to Santa Claus. It’s always a favorite for kids. You can buy candy for the kids. “

To make all of those fabulous displays run more smoothly, Meeks said they now use LED lights.

“LED lights are much more tolerant of any type of humidity. If it rains, we close normally. Since it’s a reserve and it’s the animal house, we don’t have paved roads. We intentionally have gravel because it’s their home, ”Meeks said.

Snow is okay if the roads aren’t too bad, and the screens look and feel absolutely gorgeous. But what about extremely cold temperatures?

“Mainly because people stay in their own vehicles, that’s not a problem. We are open here regardless of the weather. It’s really just damp or rain or sleet or ice or that sort of thing that will keep us from opening the park, ”Meeks said.

They don’t have a lot of tropical animals but for those they keep a close watch on the weather.

“We rely fairly faithfully on these forecasts because we decide on many activities of the day for the animals depending on the weather. The rhino, for example, is an animal that we have in a heated facility. But if it will be a balmy fall day in South Carolina, then he has a chance to get out, ”Meeks explained.

From animals to shows, Meeks said Hollywild loves bringing smiles to the community.

“It’s such a fun event for families. We just thought it was kind of a gift for the community to be able to get away from people’s concerns and worries, get away from shopping and go do something with your family, ”Meeks said. .

To learn more about Hollywild and their Holiday Lights Safari, click here.

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