From Milan to Doha: the historic brand “Luisa Spagnoli” opens its first flagship store in Qatar – Doha News


Luisa Spagnoli opens her first flagship in Doha, Qatar. This particular brand is passionate about fashion and has commissioned extraordinary clothes and designs, dominating the industry in a unique and refined way.

The Italian brand with its refreshed image and digital revamp is excited to hit Doha. Abu Issa Holding and Luisa Spagnoli will work hand in hand to deliver the finest luxury statement like no other.

With a history spanning over nine decades, Luisa Spagnoli knows a thing or two about the changing needs of women’s fashion. The brand is definitely not a fashion label you hear about every day.

It’s a class of its own and chic enough that you’ll definitely want to keep it and wear it for a special day. A day literally when you are expected to make a statement. Luisa Spagnoli’s outfit will be the talk of the night or whatever occasion you attend.

“I have always had great admiration for this wonderful country, my everyday luxury collections are designed for elegant women looking for timeless Italian quality and I am happy to be greeted with such enthusiasm. I chose to collaborate with one of the most established groups in the market, Abu Issa Holding, because they share our values ​​of beauty and quality,” said Nicoletta Spagnoli, CEO and President of Luisa Spagnoli.

I am indebted to the great launch they operate; thanks to their experience and our heritage, I am convinced that we have the ideal mix of ingredients to provide the best shopping experience for our customers,” added Spagnoli.

For Fall/Winter 2022, Luisa Spagnoli takes her team of feminine, independent women on a journey to discover their intimacy and unleash their delicate sensuality with empowering fashion articulated around key tropes of their wardrobes, this time sprinkled with frills. folkloric and embellishments and eye-catching primary colors.

Punctuated by close-fitting silhouettes exuding a cocooning sensation, the collection charms and seduces, exalting the designer’s feminine ethos responding to women’s desire for confidence and beauty through meticulously handcrafted intarsia and jacquard patterns, elaborately embellished dresses and a bold color palette.

The accessories give off a sophisticated and cool vibe adding an unexpected touch to every look. Biker-inspired heeled boots, chunky belts embellished with burnished gold buckles and oversized crocodile-embossed clutches, some with mesh detailing, punctuate the range from day to evening. Puffy golden bangles are ubiquitous, a strong statement about feminine power loaded with a refreshing sense of self-confidence.

About Luisa Spagnoli:

In 2018, Luisa Spagnoli turns 90. A century-old story dates back to 1928 when the project « Luisa Spagnoli – The making of Angora rabbit wool” was revealed in her garden in Santa Lucia, Perugia.

Luisa Spagnoli was an incredibly visionary, charismatic and nonconformist woman, who anticipated the evolution of the female presence at work by at least half a century and invented a yarn product attractive enough to attract Italian and foreign buyers due of its quality, select fabrics, classic style, elegant silhouettes and harmonious colors. In the mid-1900s, Luisa Spagnoli was already running two companies: Perugina and Luisa Spagnoli.

Today, it is yet another woman who continues to breathe the same love and audacity of yesteryear into the company, renovating its style by transforming its founding values ​​into growth, intuition and creativity.

That woman is Nicoletta Spagnoli, who has run the company since 1986 and is currently CEO and President of Luisa Spagnoli SpA


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