Health officials urge not to travel during February vacation week – NBC Boston


Sunny beaches may seem tempting on this February vacation, but the CDC still advises people against traveling due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Bruce Berger of Cleveland Circle Travel was asked if he sees a lot of families making vacation plans.

“Not really that much. We see Florida, and that’s about it,” he said.

Lynn Santalucia says she’s one of those heading south with her school-aged children.

“I’m leaving on Monday to go down to Florida,” she said. “I don’t think it’s reckless. We’re always very careful.”

The Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education advises against travel for the February holidays.

Santalucia says they will be quarantined upon their return and that her entire family has already had COVID-19.

“I think the reason I feel safe is that I had a mild case of COVID while on vacation, so I have that window of immunity, apparently,” Santalucia said. “I’m going to take precautions anyway.”

“You are essentially putting your bubble into another bubble,” said Dr Michael Misialek of Newton-Wellesley Hospital.

Misialek fears the Super Bowl, combined with the February vacation, could cause the numbers to spike.

“Ten days to two weeks after the February break, spring break, we are more than likely going to see a similar bump to what we saw over the holidays and New Years,” he said.

If people book trips, Berger says it’s usually at the last minute.

Snowbirds that have been vaccinated are also starting to head for Florida.

Others are planning for next year.

“It’s actually a big part of what we see,” Berger said. “Reservation a lot next Christmas, next week of school holidays in February 2022.”


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