Here is the list of Saint Lucia’s resorts certified COVID-19


TORONTO – The Saint Lucia Tourism Board reports that, based on the impact of a responsible opening plan, traveler pre-testing and protocols on the island, Saint Lucia currently has the lowest Covid-19 rates in the Caribbean region, with 26 cases to date and no deaths.

In response, the CDC reduced Saint Lucia’s Covid-19 rating to the lowest level, Level 1, as one of only eight countries in the world.

Saint Lucia is “proceeding with caution” in a program of gradual reopening, adds the tourist office. Tourism represents 65% of the island’s GDP.

The island reopened to tourism on July 9. Recently, the government announced a further relaxation of some restrictions.

Visitors are now allowed to stay in up to two Covid-certified properties for the duration of their stay. Guests staying at Covid-certified properties can participate in various water activities like scuba diving and sailing, following the appropriate protocols.

Here is the list of resorts and hotels in Saint Lucia certified Covid-19: Anse Chastanet; Bay Gardens Beach Resort & Spa; Ladera; Villa Caille Blanc, Cap Maison, Jade Mountain; Marigot Bay Resort, Spa and Marina (expected to open in October); Sandals Grande St. Lucian; Serenity in Coconut Bay; Stonefield Resort Villas; Sugar Beach – A Viceroy Resort, Tet Rouge and Windjammer Landing Villa Beach Resort (expected to open October 8).

Several other hotels and resorts are on track to receive certification and will open soon, the tourism board notes, adding that marinas in Marigot Bay and Rodney Bay are also open.

“We are encouraged by the numbers that currently show Saint Lucia leading the way in the Caribbean region with the lowest number of Covid-19 cases per capita,” said Saint Lucia Tourism Minister Dominic Fedee. .

Fedee added: “We are certainly not complacent and the measures we have put in place have helped us achieve such a positive record. These results will show potential visitors that our responsible approach to reopening and creating a safe environment for vacationing is a good reason to choose Saint Lucia.

“We have safely welcomed over 2,000 visitors to Saint Lucia since reopening on July 9, and knowing that they have had a positive holiday experience here gives us optimism for the future. Due to the changing nature of the pandemic, we continue to closely manage the situation, which is why we were able to ease some of the restrictions at this time,” he said.

Entry requirements for arrivals in Saint Lucia continue to include:

  • Complete the online pre-arrival registration form
  • Covid-19 PCR test negative up to seven days before travel date
  • Rapid test will not be accepted on arrival
  • Airport control
  • International visitors can stay in up to two Covid-19 certified hotels per visit
  • Nationals and residents must quarantine for 14 days upon arrival at a government facility
  • Visitors to the regional ‘bubble’ must now show a negative PCR test taken up to seven days before travel

For more information on Saint Lucia’s Covid-19 response, all protocols and details of pre-entry requirements, see


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