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KING CITY, Calif. (KION-TV) – UPDATE 9/16/21 4:57 PM: King City Police say they are currently investigating at least five incidents where a substitute teacher inappropriately touched a student in the Santa Lucia school.

In a police activity diary sent to KION, King City Police determined that a “total of five Grade 5 girls” were “hit by the same teacher”.

This substitute teacher has not been named at this time as King City Police are continuing their investigation and no official arrests have been made.

The Monterey County District Attorney’s Office said no cases have been filed that appear familiar to this KCPD investigation.


King City Police are investigating reports that a substitute teacher inappropriately touched a 5th grade student at Santa Lucia Elementary School.

Investigators said the student’s parent brought the allegations to them, saying a substitute teacher inappropriately touched their child during the school day.

Police said they were also informed by the school of the incident.

The King City Union School District released a statement regarding the incident to KION, saying the accused is “not a substitute teacher at this time.”

District staff made all notifications to responsible parties and parents on Friday afternoon August 27, 2021, after the school reviewed the incident. The accused is not a substitute teacher at this time.

Rory L. Livingston, King City Union School District Superintendent

King City PD says they are working to determine if criminal behavior has taken place.

They also ask parents who have 5th grade children at Santa Lucia School to speak with their children to “assess whether their children may have had what they think is inappropriate contact with a 5th grade substitute teacher.” August 27 of this year.

Anyone with information is asked to contact KCPD at (831) 385-4848; Sergeant John Dow at (831) 386-5969 or; or the WeTip line at 1-800-78-CRIME.

Anonymous calls will also be taken. Police did not disclose any information identifying the substitute teacher.


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