Kos Simeonidis brings George’s burgers and subs to Steinbach


Kos Simeonidis, owner of Santa Lucia Pizza, is thrilled to bring George’s Burgers and Subs to Steinbach – open now!

For Kos, the decision to open George’s Burgers and Subs was more than just a business opportunity.

‘George Ifandis, the owner of George’s Burgers and Subs, is coming back with my family, and with my 35-40 year old father,’ says Simeonidis. “We are very close family friends within the Greek community.”

2021 05 11 georgessub2Because of this bond with the Ifandis family and his love for the Greek community, Simeonidis felt it made sense to bring George’s legendary chili, homemade fries, delicious Greek options and the iconic Fat Boy Burger. in Steinbach. ‘We have submarines, gyroscopes, [and] a nice variety of Greek dishes,” he says. “And we’re creating jobs at the same time, so I think it will be a good fit for Steinbach.”

Like Santa Lucia Pizza, George’s offers curbside pickup and delivery. “Our mobile debit machines will display our menus, so you can order from your car and we will bring the food to your car,” says Simeonidis.

Now, having put the finishing touches on opening the restaurant, Simeonidis is looking forward to working with the new staff and creating a new part of the community. “I’m excited that we’re moving forward, we’re creating progress, we’re creating growth in Steinbach, we’re creating jobs like I said,” he says.

He continues: “When the golf season opens, we will be back to just under 90 employees at Santa Lucia. And then with George’s [we’re hoping to] employ more than 100 people in Steinbach.’

Much like Santa Lucia’s pizza recipe, George’s burger recipe goes way back, and Simeonidis can’t wait to start serving Steinbach the best comfort food options in town.

You can taste the incredible menu of the new restaurant – now open! – on Victoria Square

Visit their website to learn more: www.georgesburgersandsubs.ca

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