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COLLIERVILLE, Tenn. – It was supposed to be a birthday trip, a dream vacation in the Caribbean. But for a couple from Collierville, that dream turned into a nightmare.

They have been stranded abroad for days after testing positive for COVID-19.

Tony Sarwar and his wife Angela said it was almost impossible to get medical attention for their severe symptoms and getting back to the United States was even more difficult.

They are now sharing their story to warn people who are considering traveling overseas.

“I really started to feel my body shutting down from the inside.”

What was supposed to be a 40th anniversary celebration in Heaven quickly turned into a fight for the couple’s survival.

The two went to a resort in St. Lucia and almost immediately Tony started to have sore legs.

“He was having trouble walking and tried to cross it for the next few days,” Angela told FOX13.

The day before the couple returned home, they tested positive for COVID-19 and were ordered to self-isolate in their room at the resort for the next 10 days.

“After that, we took a nosedive for the worse. We both had very different symptoms, we were just absolutely miserable, ”Angela said.

As their condition worsened, they say a rusty ambulance took them to hospital.

Angela said conditions at the hospital were appalling as she was denied water and medicine.

“We had been sweating through our clothes and our sheets,” she said. “You can call them, and there’s no window or door – it’s about 100 degrees inside. “

At this point Tony says he was so sick he couldn’t talk or walk.

They say hospital officials told them they couldn’t leave.

But despite this, Angela says she eventually got a medical evacuation company to transport them to a hospital in the United States.

“Finally, we have a hospital in east Texas that said we had a bed for you for 48 hours. And that was one of our many saving graces that got us out of there, ”she said.

After receiving the treatment they needed, Angela and Tony are finally back and recovering in their Collierville home. The couple said messages and support from friends and family helped them.

“At that point, that’s what we needed. We needed this community of everyone, all the love and all the prayers, ”Tony said.

If you are planning to travel overseas, the couple said their situation highlights the importance of knowing what medical care looks like where you go and what your options are if you get sick.

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