Saint Lucia: beautiful, friendly and very safe


Saint Lucia is doing more than its part to make travel safe and easy during these trying times.

With a wide variety of strict rules and protocols in place, this island destination is a safe and healthy destination for anyone who loves great food, amazing beaches, beautiful scenery, blue ocean waters and friendly locals. and friendly.


Here is an overview of some of the rules put in place to protect locals and visitors.

Effective February 10, all arrivals to Saint Lucia (5 years and older) must have a negative PCR test result taken no later than 5 days prior to arrival. All arrivals 18 years and older must complete an online travel registration form.

Visitors should follow all safety protocols in place throughout Saint Lucia, including wearing a mask in public. Visitors will also be subject to mandatory checks and temperature checks at the port of entry and throughout your stay, and must be transferred by certified taxi to their COVID-19 approved accommodation.

(NOTE – Submission of the Travel Registration Form does not require the PCR test result. The form should be submitted as soon as possible. Log back in after submission to upload your test result.)

All arrivals must receive travel authorization to Saint Lucia. Authorization will be sent by email and will be based on:

– Verified reservations at a COVID-19 certified establishment or

– Checked arrangements in place to join a boat and

– Verification of PCR COVID-19 test results

You must be able to present your travel authorization upon request. If you don’t, you risk being denied boarding.


All arriving passengers must follow all airport protocols

All arriving passengers will be screened, this will include temperature checks

All symptomatic passengers will be immediately isolated and tested. If the test result is positive for COVID-19, the passenger will be transferred to the respiratory hospital for treatment and care at their own expense.

Other passengers will be transferred by certified taxi to COVID-19 approved accommodation.

Hotel guests who did not arrive in Saint Lucia as Bubble Travelers are required to remain on site for the duration of their stay, except to be transferred to another Covid-19 certified property to continue their stay or to participate in certified activities, tours and excursions.

After 14 days in COVID-certified accommodation, international visitors can stay in COVID-certified accommodation and continue to adhere to protocols for staying in that type of accommodation, or check in to accommodation certified to accept Bubble Travelers (visitors from countries in the Saint Lucia designated travel zone bubble) with the ability to move around the island more freely.

The Landings Resort & Spa, St. Lucia Pool (Courtesy Stylish Hotels)


– Book your stay in a COVID-19 certified property

– Complete and submit the travel registration form

– Take your COVID-19 PCR test no later than 5 days before travel

– Log in to your trip record to upload your test result before the trip.

Visitors are reminded that they may be denied boarding if they do not produce their travel authorization email.


Authorized transfers and tours between air and sea ports, certified accommodations, special events (wedding services) and sites and attractions.

Adherence to all physical distancing and disinfection protocols while conducting services.

Operators should maintain an activity log for contact tracing purposes.

Only scheduled visits are permitted.

Maximum of 10 people per visit.

Mixing of guests from COVID-19 certified properties is permitted.


NO mix of transient and long-term guests/residents.

Mix of local and international guests.

ONLY use the services of COVID-19 certified tourist transportation service providers to and from the property.

Ensure appropriate 24 hour security (electronic and/or physical) for all properties.

Tours must use COVID-19 certified tourist transportation service providers to COVID-19 certified locations only.

Maintain temperature logs for all guests (utility of devices as a practical option). Use only beaches recommended/approved by clients who must be accompanied by an escort.


Licensed to operate daily with scheduled days for nationals and international visitors

Establish a maximum capacity for each site and attraction

Reservation system to be used to schedule visits to all sites and attractions Customers should be encouraged to download the 758 Care Alert app.

Mixing of guests from COVID-19 certified properties is permitted. (Premises will only be allowed on weekends).

All reservations must be communicated and confirmed with COVID-19 accommodation operators.

Maintain a client list for contact tracing purposes.


Allowed to open for dinner from 4 a.m. to 8 p.m. daily

Obligation to maintain the days provided for nationals and international visitors.

It is mandatory to submit schedules to the Department of Tourism and the Department of Health and Wellness.

Operators must ensure that all bookings are confirmed with the accommodation provider prior to guest arrival

Bars allowed to open from 1 p.m. to 8 p.m.


For international visitors only

• Limit the number of passengers per square foot of the vessel as approved by SLASPA. Licensed to provide water recreation services to guests at various COVID-19 certified accommodations, including villas and guesthouses.

• Maintain a manifest of all persons embarking and disembarking from the vessel. Service providers to transfer guests to and from COVID-19 certified properties. Must always display the COVID-19 certificate on board the ship.


Effective April 1

• Authorized to commence crewed yacht charter services.

• Wet yacht charter services should always be supervised by a crew member to ensure there are no dockside infractions.


The tourism authority is also encouraging visitors to download the 758 Care Alert app to their phone upon arrival. The app is free on Google Play and App Store, and it will store 14 days of location information on your phone. Information will not be shared unless you choose to share it.

Care Alert 758 is made available free of charge by the Saint Lucia Department of Health and Welfare to facilitate COVID-19 exposure notification and contact tracing. Visitors will receive alerts from the Department of Health and Wellness regarding potential exposure to COVID-19.

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