Ultimate relaxation for body and soul in Saint Lucia


The beautiful landscapes and lush nature of Saint Lucia are the perfect backdrop for a wellness experience like no other! From the wide variety of spas – both within the hotel environment and outside of hotels, to healing mud baths and varied yoga experiences, Saint Lucia is rich in natural wellness opportunities.


Offering the Caribbean’s only volcano accessible by car, restorative mineral and mud baths, reef-rich waters that invite snorkeling, quaint fishing villages dotted with colorful fishing boats, mesmerizing music festivals, award-winning luxury resorts and world-class culinary delights, Saint Lucia offers its visitors an unforgettable and relaxing getaway.

Did you know you can hike the Pitons? Located in the town of Soufriere, the famous Pitons are a UNESCO World Heritage Site and rise nearly 3,000 feet above the Caribbean Sea. The majestic peak of Gros Piton, with its twin peak Petit Piton, dominates the west coast of Saint Lucia.

PHOTO: A couple enjoying a waterfall in St. Lucia. (photo via Saint Lucia Tourism Board)

the Diamond Falls and Botanical Gardens is a multi-award winning 6 acre site, described as one of St. Lucia’s natural wonders, an alluring and peaceful retreat from the outside world. You can bathe in the restored baths or recharge your batteries under the refreshing falls. Enjoy the beauty and sultry warmth of the tropics while strolling through lush, fertile vegetation and marveling at the diversity of tropical flowers and plants. This natural wonder will restore your inner zen and leave you in a very relaxed state.

Sulfur baths in Saint Lucia
Sulfur baths in Saint Lucia (Photo via Brian Major)

Saint Lucia is home to the world’s only route through the volcano and the #1 natural rated mud baths – The Sulfur Springs. Sulfur Springs Mud Baths attract people from all over the world, it is the most visited attraction in Saint Lucia due to its healing restorative minerals that rejuvenate the skin. Dive into the bathing pools and lather up the purifying mud – the ultimate natural spa treatment.

Are you looking for a good place for yoga and mediation? Pigeon Island National Park is heralded as one of the most famous landmarks in Saint Lucia’s history. The historic site has many British forts dating back to the 18th century, where the British used to spy on French ships from nearby Martinique.

Saint Lucia is full of luxurious waterfalls. From small, gentle waterfalls to sites where the water falls dramatically over the cliffs. Some of the most stunning waterfalls in Saint Lucia are Diamonds Falls, Piton Falls, Toraille Falls and La Tille Falls.

In addition to outdoor relaxation, St. Lucia has a vibrant culinary scene that offers fine international cuisine, authentic Creole dishes and everything in between. In the town of Rodney Bay, you have the choice of more than 30 restaurants and bars. In the morning, you may spot fishermen in the bay bringing in the “catch of the day” from your hotel.

The Mango Tree restaurant for dinner is truly farm-to-table, the restaurant uses only fresh local ingredients, including organic herbs, fruits and vegetables grown on our resort property and the rest of the island of St. LUCIA.

Enhance your visit to St. Lucia by exploring the island’s Creole cuisine with a specially designed ‘cooking tour’; Flavors of Saint Lucia. Discover how, over the years, the folk traditions of Saint Lucia have combined and blended a fascinating number of herbs, vegetables and fruits into a range of cooked foods that have to be tasted to be believed. Participate in the preparation of the various local dishes and taste the tasty dishes filled with the Flavors of Saint Lucia. Take home not only fond memories of this authentic “Saint Lucia dining experience”, but also those of a relaxing stroll through the beautiful garden, filled with an array of tropical fruits, flowering plants, a local medicinal garden and much more. A hands-on, informative, relaxing and educational experience for everyone.


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