Vienna: A First-Person Guide

I always pictured Vienna, Austria as the place where old, stodgy folks traveled to listen to long-winded operas and talk about old wartime devastation of Europe.  Admittedly, Vienna is more sedate than some of its neighboring capitals, but it still offers a bunch of fun things for action-minded travelers.

Stephansdom Quarter

We arrived by train and took a solid-looking Mercedes right to the door of our hotel, the Wandl, next to St. Peter’s Church in the Stephansdom Quarter. Peterskirche is jammed into a small square – its copper dome looks like a bull in china shop. It is modeled after St. Peter’s in Rome and the interior makes similar attempts at being lavish. The pulpit is especially glorious.

Hofburg Quarter

We walked down Graben street, people watching and enjoying monuments, until we hooked a left on Kohl Markt toward the Michaelerplatz. The square is an oddity – the excavations of
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Provence Beach GuideFeatured

Saint Tropes

In the place of Saint Tropes, there is a five-mile stretch of land that is called the Route des Plages, which is a home of one of the hottest beaches around the world. Plages de la Bouillabaisse is considered the most glorious beach where even the sandy beaches are properly groomed and the weather in the place is as hot as the summer feels. This beach is one of the best places to visit during summer. Especially, for car travelers.

Pile o'rocks


The city of Nice is being sheltered by Alps and is considered the most protected part of the Mediterranean coast, with its gentle winds from the sea going to the land. Along this coastline there are around 15 private beaches that is separated by the public beaches, all of which consist of the soft sand and hard pebbles. The very famous blue chairs of Nice, which is …

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