Saint Tropes

In the place of Saint Tropes, there is a five-mile stretch of land that is called the Route des Plages, which is a home of one of the hottest beaches around the world. Plages de la Bouillabaisse is considered the most glorious beach where even the sandy beaches are properly groomed and the weather in the place is as hot as the summer feels. This beach is one of the best places to visit during summer. Especially, for car travelers.

Pile o'rocks


The city of Nice is being sheltered by Alps and is considered the most protected part of the Mediterranean coast, with its gentle winds from the sea going to the land. Along this coastline there are around 15 private beaches that is separated by the public beaches, all of which consist of the soft sand and hard pebbles. The very famous blue chairs of Nice, which is also a must-visit can be easily found along the promenade and it gives a comfortable point to be able to relax and then watch the world go by.



Similar to Nice, the beaches of Cannes consist of both the public and the private sections, the majority of which are being private.

Almost all of these private beaches do belong to the luxury hotels in the area. The Cannes’ public beaches can also be found in the western and in the far eastern sides of the city. In here are attractive beaches but the downside is, they get crowded when summer comes.



Another must-visit when trying to relax in Monaco is the topless sunbathing. The most famous for this spot is the Monte Carlo Beach Club, which is an integral part of the social life of the town for almost decades now. There is an expensive entrance fee in here but the facilities were great as well as the café and the bars. The only public beach that is available now is the Larvotto. This man-made beach comprises of three concrete jetties that is protected by the large boulders and gravel.


The Beaches of Marseille

Finally, there are 20 small beaches you can visit in the city of Marseille. Most of them are rough sand and shingle shelving right into the sea. The Marseille consists into the sporty, secluded, family and party beaches. Beyond the north Marseille you can find the Marseille Municipal Sports Center where it consists of the sailing, diving, and windsurfing paraphernalia for both adult and children.

There are still many places you can visit here. Make sure that you have with you your budget and you planned the tour ahead of time. In this way you can prevent extra charges upon arrival. There are many tours that will offer you cheap tours but make sure you check it with your hotel or through online. There are many scams that will try to steal money from you so you need to be careful. Nevertheless, besides that, you can surely love Provence Beach because of these amenities and the beautiful white sand beaches that you cannot see in other beaches. It is a must-visit place for you and your family.